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FlushAll Adjustable High Performance Toilet Flush Valve



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FlushAll™ high performance flush valve converts a poor performing toilet into a high performance toilet!

  • Converts a poor performing toilet into a high performance toilet
  • Installs easily into most standard toilets with a 2in flush valve
  • Increases toilet performance 40%
  • Saves 2,500 gallons annually
  • Includes tank to bowl hardware and gasket

Installation Tutorial:

FlushAll™ FAQs

Q: Will the FlushAll™ fit my toilet?

A: The FlushAll™ is designed to fit most two piece toilets with a 2 inch flush valve opening. It will not fit into one piece low style toilets, pressure assisted toilets, or toilets already featuring a 3 inch flush valve opening

Q: Is it difficult to install/are there any extra steps involved?

A: The FlushAll™ installs as easily as a standard replacement flush valve. Slight positioning changes may be necessary due to the increased size of the flush valve.

Q: How much improvement will I see in flushing power?

A: This varies from toilet to toilet and depends on a variety of factors including; how/if the bowl is jetted, trap way size and design, and many other factors. In our lab testing we see on average a 40% increase in flushing power.

Q: How does the FlushAll™ save water?

A: The FlushAll™ can save water in 2 ways. The FlushAll™ flapper sits up higher than a standard flush valve so it naturally leaves more water in the tank. The second way is by using the flapper's integrated timing cone set to water saver mode, this makes the flapper close sooner and allows less water to be used for the flush.

Q: How much water will I save by installing the FlushAll™?

A: Again this varies from toilet to toilet and depends on which setting the flapper is set to. In our lab testing we show an average of .16 gallons saved per flush in performance mode or .25 gallons saved per flush in water saver mode.

Q: How do I adjust the flapper timing cone / how do I know which setting the flapper is on?

A: The timing cone can be easily adjusted by simply rotating the cone on the underside of the flapper. With the slot facing the front of the flapper you are in water saver made, rotate the slot 180 degrees so the slot is facing the back of the flapper and you are in performance mode. The cone can also be adjusted to any position in between these two settings in order to customize the flush.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.65Warnings.ca.gov/product.