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Handy Snake Drain Cleaner Tool (2 Pack)

Handy Snake Drain Cleaner Tool (2 Pack)

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The Handy Snake drain cleaner is used to easily remove clogs in bath rooms, kitchen sinks, bath tubs or shower drains. The rounded design allows you to maneuver easily around obstacles.

  • Unclogs sinks, showers and bathtub drains
  • Features a built in cutting edge
  • Round design to maneuver easily around obstacles
  • Extra large hook for removal of drain clogging gunk
  • Made in the USA

How to use

Remove the strainer or stopper from your sink basin. Insert the drain snake down the drain hole and through the trap. You may need to wiggle and twist the handy snake until you find the right angle for it to move through the trap. Push the tip of the drain tool into the clog as deeply as possible to allow the 'teeth" or barbs to hook the material.

Then slowly remove the drain stick by puling up any material it snags. Run warm water through the drain to wash out any loose debris and reinstall the strainer or stopper.

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