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WingIts, RESGBW35 Structurally Engineered Grab Bar Fasteners (Set of 2) - Grab-Bar.com

WingIts RESGBW35 Structurally Engineered Grab Bar Fasteners (Set of 2)



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  • Eliminate the need for structural blocking
  • Guaranteed to NEVER Loosen
  • Waterproof and Fire-resistant
  • Rated up to 600 lbs. in drywall and tile
  • Handles vector forces 360 degrees
  • Used to install Grab Bars

Installation Instructions

Proudly made in the USA, the RESGBW35 Structurally Engineered Grab Bar WINGITS® exceeds all building codes and ADA guidelines.

The RESGBW35, incorporates the WINGITS® Strongest Fastener Technology, to allow for quick installation of WINGITS® Grab Bars. The average time to install a grab bar is less than 10 minutes.

When installing into Ceramic Wall Tile, Plaster or Marble, use a Industrial Grade Carbide drill bit for quick, precise holes. 3/4" holes required.

No caulk needed - self waterproofing. Designed for 2" x 3" or larger hollow walls and wall substrates from 1/4" - 1.3" thick.

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