Grab Bar Suggested Installation Configurations

Grab bars offer a safety precaution for many locations throughout your home or business. They should be installed in convenient areas where a fall or slip is most likely to occur.

The ADA's accessibility standards include specific height requirements for grab bar installation. Other requirements may also be applicable in your jurisdiction, so we highly recommend researching local protocol to ensure all safety specifications are met.

Use the following suggestions to inspire your independent living design.:

  • In the bathroom
    • In the shower
       Suggested Grab Bar Installation Configurations
    • By the toilet 
      Suggested Grab Bar Installations Toilet
    • On the wall outside of the shower or tub enclosure
      Suggested Grab Bar Installation Configurations Door
    • By a jet-tub or soaking tub
  • In a hallway between doorways, in place of a long run handrail
  • By small sets of stairs or between room transitions
  • At the top and/or bottom of staircases before the railing begins/ends
  • Anywhere flooring is not level or changes material, such as a carpeted living room that connects to a tiled kitchen
  • In the bedroom near the bed frame