National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC)

NAIPCNAIPC® wants to be your primary informational resource so that you remain active and healthy throughout your retirement years.

#GRABDASHBAR is proud to be a member of the NAIPC. We stand behind this council who has established a network of professionals from the private, public and non-profit sectors who can help you plan for your future housing and care needs.

Their web site provides additional ideas and information to help you accomplish whatever goals you may have.

NAIPC® works to achieve their mission by:

  • Reaching out to seniors.
  • Establishing local Aging in Place Councils among businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, the aging in place professional network, and the health care system. Homeowners benefit if professionals from the various disciplines are knowledgeable about one another, and better professional referral networks are established.Increasing the level of knowledge and skills of Aging in Place professionals from a wide variety of fields whose collaboration and involvement is essential to insuring greater public access to programs and support services that promote independent living.
  • Advocating for policies, regulations and business practices that promote Aging in Place.
  • Promoting National Aging in Place Week and other events through various media. During this week, members of the National Aging in Place Council® coordinate events in their communities to highlight local programs and services available to help increase independent living.

To learn more about the NAIPC, visit their website.