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Life Line Grab Bar Installation

Secure support with fresh appeal.

Elcoma Lifeline Grab Bars

The Life Line Collection is a unique selection of products that will make your bathroom a much safer environment. Combined with simple installation, this makes our Life Line Collection the #1 choice for designers & remodelers.

  • Features corrosion resistant 1.25” dia. x 18 gauge heavy duty stainless steel.
  • Mounting hardware included for both hollow walls and stud or blocked walls.
  • Meets and exceeds ADA & ANSI standards (500 lbs)
    – Not including Soap Basket with Grab Bar (250 lbs)

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove contents from box.
  2. Pre-assemble the flanges to the bar.
  3. Place Life Line Grab Bar on the wall in your desired location.
  4. Mark the 2 elongated holes on each flange base.
  5. Insert the 4 togglers (included) into the 4 holes.
  6. Snap the excess plastic tabs.
  7. Remove the 2 flange bases from the Grab Bar by loosening the 3 set screws in each flange post.
  8. Slide the concealed flange covers over the Life Line Grab Bar posts.
  9. Place the flange bases on the wall aligning the elongated holes in the flange base with the inserted togglers.
  10. Attach flange bases using the 4 machine screws (included), tighten and secure.
  11. Slide the Life Line Grab Bar posts over the flange base previously attached to the wall.
  12. Tighten all set screws.
  13. For applications where in-wall wood backing or wall studs are present, please use the stainless steel wood screws (included) in place of the togglers.