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Interlock Handlebar™ Suggested Installation Configurations

Handlebar™ Grab Bars can be installed in many locations throughout the home or business:

The ADA's accessibility standards include specific height requirements for the installation of grab bars. Other requirements may also be applicable in your jurisdiction.

Possible Configurations:

  • In the Bathroom
    • In the Shower
       Suggested Grab Bar Installation Configurations
    • By the Toilet 
      Suggested Grab Bar Installations Toilet
    • On the wall outside of the Shower or Tub Enclosure
      Suggested Grab Bar Installation Configurations Door
    • By a jet-tub or soaking tub
  • In a hallway – in place of a long run handrail – between doorways
  • By small sets of stairs or between room transitions
  • At the Top and/or Bottom of staircases – before the railing begins/ends
  • Anywhere the flooring is not level or changes material. For example a carpeted living room to a tiled kitchen.
  • In the Bedroom near the Bed