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General Installation Instructions for Handlebar™ Grab Bars

Grab Bar Installation

Please Note: The American with Disabilities Act provides accessibility standards for the design, construction and alteration of commercial facilities and public accommodations. The standards require properly designed and installed grab bars in bathroom areas of such buildings. If properly installed, #GRABDASHBAR grab bars will comply with the ADA's accessibility standards.

  1. Find the wall studs and mark their locations.

  2. If using a concealed screw Handlebar™ Grab Bar, tape the flanges so they won’t slide during installation.

    • For a tiled wall, drill a 3/16” pilot hole through the tile with a masonry bit.

    • If you are installing a Handlebar™ on a sheet rocked wall go to step 3

    • If you are installing a Handlebar™ on a fiberglass wall you must use Solid Mount for a secure installation

  3. Drill a 5/32” pilot hole into stud.

  4. Attach Handlebar™ Grab Bars with the screws provided, making sure to hit the studs.

  5. For a Handlebar™ Grab Bars with concealed screws, line up the notches on the flanges with the notches located on the mounting bracket and lock into place.

Note: Handlebar™ Grab Bars must be attached to wall studs

Click here to view our Grab Bar Installation Videos.