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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I read about the Americans with Disabilities Act?
A: www.ADA.gov

Q: I am tax exempt. How do I avoid paying sales tax on my order? 
Please email Customer Service a copy of your tax exempt certificate after placing you order. We will refund you the amount charged for sales tax. 

Q: Can towel bars be used as safety grab bars?
A: No! Only Handlebar™ Grab Bars that are designed, tested, and installed to be safety grab bars should be used as grab bars.

Q: What is Safety Grip?
A: Safety Grip is a peened finish on stainless steel grab bars that makes them easier to hold on to, especially if your hands or the bar are wet.

Q: How to clean dirt or debris from a Stainless Steel Grab Bar?
Use a gentle soap, vinegar, or stainless steel cleaning agent with a cloth. Clean the surface by going with the "grain" of the material. If necessary, a non-abrasive scrub brush can be used, but avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products or pads as these may damage the finish.   

Q: What is the difference between the Almond and Bisque colors?
A: Almond has a very slight yellowish hue, while Bisque is slightly paler.

Q: I see you run awesome promotions and I have been collecting discount codes for months. Can I use multiple discount codes during checkout?
A: We love a good coupon, but unfortunately offers cannot be combined. Only one discount code can be applied to an order, so be sure to apply the deal with the best offer!

Q: What is "anodized" aluminum and why is it superior?
Anodizing is a process that creates a scratch- and corrosion-resistant coating on aluminum alloy. During the process, the aluminum is submerged in a special bath and an electric current is passed through it. A layer of aluminum oxide, which can be tinted to produce different colors and which enhances the metallic look of the aluminum, builds on the surface. The oxide layer is much stronger than the aluminum itself, and also stronger and bonded more permanently to the metal than virtually any paint. Durability of the anodized finish is directly related to the coating's thickness. Promenaid railings have an 18 micron anodized layer, the thickest commercial grade equivalent to the finish of high quality aluminum doors and windows.

Q: Can I install a grab bars into a fiberglass bathtub or shower enclosure?
A: Yes! By installing a Solid Mount system first, installation of a grab bar into a fiberglass enclosure will be secure and safe.

Note: The American with Disabilities Act provides accessibility standards for the design, construction and alteration of commercial facilities and public accommodations. The standards require properly designed and installed grab bars in bathroom areas of such buildings. If properly installed, our grab bars will comply with the ADA's accessibility standards.

Q: At what height should I install my Handlebar™ Grab Bars?*
A: See below:

  • For toilets (water closets not in a stall): 33”-36” off of the finished floor (ADA Section 4.16)
  • For toilets (inside a stall): 33”- 36” off of the finished floor (ADA Section 4.17)
  • For bath tubs: 3 grab bars are required, two on the back wall (one 9” above the rim of the tub, the other 33” -36” above the finished floor) and the third at the head of the tub (ADA Section 4.20)
  • For shower stalls: either 2 or 3 grab bars are required, 33” – 36” from the floor of the shower stall. (ADA Section 4.21). The number of grab bars required in a shower stall is dependent on the size of the shower stall.

*The ADA's accessibility standards include specific height requirements for the installation of grab bars. Links to the applicable standards are provided below. Other requirements may also be applicable in your jurisdiction

Q: How can I place an order?
A: Simply add the item(s) you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. Click “Check Out,” and follow the steps to complete your order.

Q: Can I order more than 1 of an item?
A: Yes, you can adjust your order quantities in your shopping cart.

Q: What if the item I need is out of stock?
A: Email us at sales@grab-bar.com. We will let you know when we anticipate the item becoming available. Our available inventory is updated 5 days a week, so we only offer items that can ship within 1-2 business days.

Q: What credit cards are accepted?
A: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Q: What is your return policy?
A:  Please visit our return policy page for the most up-to-date policy. 

Q: What are your available shipping methods?
A: Standard Shipping goes via UPS Ground. Rush Shipping is sent via UPS Second Day Air and/or UPS Next Day Air Saver depending on geographic location. All FREE SHIPPING orders ship via Standard Shipping.


If you are uncomfortable with any steps of grab bar installation, have a professional complete the project. A Handlebar™ Grab Bar is only safe if installed correctly!