Why You Should Be Squatting to Use the Potty

Why You Should Be Squatting to Use the Potty

The benefits of squatting

Squatting while going to the bathroom has many benefits. Proper alignment reduces constipation, hemorrhoids, straining, and bloating. However, this alignment can be difficult to achieve on a toilet, especially if you have a comfort height toilet. The perfect solution is a toilet stool to raise your feet and mimic a squatting alignment while comfortably sitting on your toilet.

What's happening when you squat

Squatting instead of sitting improves the alignment of your bowels by relaxing the puborectalis muscle. In a sitting position this muscle can be tight around the colon, creating a kink and keeping the body from proper elimination. By lifting up the feet to a squatting position, this muscle relaxes and create a more direct path for elimination. By relaxing this muscle, gravity does most of the work, helping to prevent straining that can lead to hemorrhoids and pelvic wall problems.

Proper Alignment

Our toilet stool is designed for convenience. Made to tuck away under your toilet when not in use, our toilet stools also feature a container to store wipes and have an option for a cell phone or tablet holder. These features make it an easy, affordable way to improve the comfort of your bathroom going experience.