Vinyl Grab Bars Offer Added Safety Features for Savvy Shoppers

Vinyl Grab Bars Offer Added Safety Features for Savvy Shoppers

Ponte Giulio Grab Bars Vinyl Coated

Do you research a company and its products before making a purchase? According to CNN, more Americans are choosing to do their “homework” so they can get the most out of every dollar spent. Not only are we being more selective about what we buy, Americans are also demanding better – we want better quality and a more enjoyable experience. This is especially true when it comes to safety devices for our homes.

When we look at traditional grab bars (seen in most restaurants and homes), they are generally common in appearance and will do the job in keeping us safe. As we look for better features in these basic home safety devices, we can consider some alternatives - the vinyl-coated grab bar comes in a wide variety of colors and offers some added benefits to enhance our comfort while in the bathroom:

  1. Antimicrobial Material: Do you ever get nervous to touch a grab bar because you don’t know who else has? These devices tend to hold and spread many germs, particularly when used in a bathroom setting. But don’t fear – new technology has created antimicrobial material, which contains an agent that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae). By kicking these microorganisms to the curb, you are protecting your own health, as well as those around you.
  2. Biocompatible: These devices can also be biocompatible, which means they do not harm living tissue. This is especially important for those who have a prosthesis implanted in the body or have gone through surgical procedures, resulting in sensitive skin. Free from toxicity, biocompatible grab bars provide a safe and tranquil experience.
  3. Warm-to-the-touch Vinyl: Pretty self-explanatory, warm-to-the-touch vinyl is a coating that gives off a warm sensation when a person comes in contact with the grab bar. This differs from the institutional safety device that is cold to touch, especially when the AC is on blast.

Join the “savvy shopper” bandwagon and enjoy these luxurious vinyl-coated straight grab bars that will make your home safety shopping a worthwhile experience.

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