Side Gigs for Seniors

Side Gigs for Seniors

If you've considered starting a side gig, you aren't alone. A lot of Americans are choosing side hustles as passion projects and ways to earn more money. As a senior, you may be unsure of how to find one. Learning about the benefits and how to hunt for a job may help you find success.

Reaping the Benefits of a Side Gig

A growing number of older adults are seeking side gigs. About 20% of all side hustlers are adults over the age of 55. There are various reasons seniors choose to have another gig. Some adults may choose to start a business for extra income. If you feel like you did not make enough money to retire, a side hustle presents an opportunity to not only help you earn income but also do something you love. An additional job may also help you save up for vacations that you could not otherwise afford with your regular salary.

According to the experts, starting a side business can give your life more balance. If you have difficulty separating from your work life when at home, a different type of job can offer a mental break. Plus, when you diversify your sources of income, you feel more self-reliant and empowered.

Hunting for the Perfect Side Gig

You do not have to have boundless energy or availability at all hours to find a side gig that fits your lifestyle. More often than not, your schedule is probably subject to change, but you can squeeze extra work into your days, evenings or weekends. Some common jobs for seniors include:

  • Retail salesperson
  • Tour guide
  • Consultant
  • Animal caregiver
  • Food delivery driver
  • Child caregiver
  • Senior caregiver

To make your business profitable, consider how you plan to promote your services. You can use social media and the internet for promotion or stick with traditional strategies, such as flyers and word of mouth. You can enhance your social media presence by working with social media management services. Visit freelance job platforms to find professionals and consider their reviews, experience, and rates.

Think about which skills you can leverage to a broader market. A side hustle can be something you love or a solution to a common problem. Generally, successful companies thrive when they mix passion with solutions. You can sell goods, services, or knowledge.

Establishing Yourself in Your Side Gig

If you choose to start your own side gig business, you must register it to create a legal entity. In many places, you can register your business name with the state and local government.

Establishing a limited liability company (LLC) may benefit your small business. When you establish an LLC, your company remains separate from your personal assets. For example, if your company owes money, creditors cannot go after your home or other personal assets to recover debts.

LLCs can use pass-through taxation. The LLC does not pay corporate taxes. Instead, your company's income and expenses pass through your personal tax returns. LLCs also require less paperwork and provide owners with more flexibility. Keep in mind that every state has its own regulations regarding LLCs.

As a senior, take advantage of the many ways in which you can find or create a fulfilling side hustle. When you explore new interests, you reap the benefits of learning new skills, earning extra income, and opening doors in your personal and career life.

This blog post was written by Sharon Wagner, taken with permission. Sharon uses her site,, to offer advice geared specifically toward seniors to help them make healthier choices and enjoy their golden years.