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National Bath Safety Month: Four Tips for the Age in Place Community this January

January is National Bath Safety Month and this month serves as a good reminder to the importance of updating your bathroom as you are aging in place. The bathroom can be a place where falls occur the most due to slippery conditions, mobility and other accidental incidents. Prevent those kinds of accidents by following some simple tips below:

  • Install non-slip strips or mats on the bottom of your bathtub.
  • Use non-slip mats around on your bathroom floor where needed.
  • Have a grab bar or safety rail properly installed in a easy to reach distance around your toilet and when getting in and out of your shower or bath tub.
  • Have a communication device to ask for help in the event in the emergency. These devices could be as simple as a cell phone close by, alert system necklace, or a bell/buzzer for others to be alerted inside your home.

Preventing falls and slip in the bath is an important preventative measure while aging in place. Get the gear you need to stay safe it can save you more in the long run.

The #GRABDASHBAR team wants you to be safe this month and hope that National Bath Safety Month is just another reminder towards that goal.


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