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Motion Activated Faucets: Improving Mobility and Preventing Germs with the Swipe of a Hand

In this modern age of technology, we have begun to shift from a traditional interior design to more contemporary living spaces. What better way to jump on the bandwagon than to utilize your very own automatic faucet!

Automatic faucets (also known as sensor, hands-free, touchless, electronic, or infrared faucets) allow water to flow in response to motion detection. They were introduced for commercial use in the 1980s and have gained immense popularity amongst restaurants, hotels, malls, and even residential properties. Nowadays, more and more people are seeing the benefits of trading in their old faucets with these new technologies.

Hands Free Motion Activated Faucet NEXO by Belanger Kitchen Faucet with Magik Motion Activation

Why Should You Own an Automatic Faucet?

Automatic faucets offer many benefits; the most obvious being water conservation and reduced cost and maintenance. Occasionally, people leave faucets running for extended periods of time due to laziness or negligence and they may even fail to turn them off properly! This undoubtedly leads to water wastage, which cannot only strain our personal funds but also leads to the destruction of aquatic environments. When using an automatic faucet, the water will automatically stop running within minutes of no activity. As a result, our water bills decrease, and we also save costs on energy, sewerage, and maintenance. In addition to this, automatic faucets are a tremendous aid for people with special needs and/or disabilities who may find it difficult to grasp or turn knobs. Not to mention, we are reducing the spread of germs by eliminating the need to touch a faucet after our hands have been exposed to bacteria. It is without a doubt that we are one step closer to preserving the environment and simplifying our lives!

Our Solution

The Nexo by Belanger featuring Magik Motion Activated Technology provides a hands-free convenience in your kitchen with the simple wave of a hand. The faucet is equipped with a pull down spout as well as a single lever manual control, and it’s available in polished chrome and brushed nickel. 

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