Improving the Safety and Function of Your Shower with Integrated Shower Kits

Improving the Safety and Function of Your Shower with Integrated Shower Kits

Adding a hand shower and a grab bar to your shower is an easy way to improve the accessibility of your bathroom. The advantages of installing a grab bar are clear when it comes to preventing falls and making your bathroom a safer space. Combined with a hand shower that allows you to adjust where the water is directed and bring the stream to you, you can gain even more functionality in your bathroom. 

We’ve put together a few integrated shower kits to help your grab bar do even more. With a variety of kits to suit any budget and style, your grab bar can do double duty acting as a slide bar for a hand shower. With the slide bar and adjustable holder, you can easily adjust the height and angle of the hand shower, making for a more pleasant bathing experience.

Our most stylish option, this kit offers a 36-inch grab bar for the hand shower to travel along. The grab bar also features a safety grip and matching cover flanges to conceal the screws after installation. Additionally, both the adjustable angle hand shower holder and the hand shower feature large ADA compliant levers to make adjusting the height and shower jets trouble free. This kit includes an elbow that can be installed by a plumber to your existing shower valve as pictured, or can attach to your existing shower arm. Click Here To View 

Our Deluxe Polished Stainless Steel Grab Bar Shower Kit includes a polished stainless 24-inch grab bar, a 5-function hand shower and shower head, and a 3-way diverter allowing you to use each shower head individually or together. The shower diverter and shower head offer an easy “DIY” installation attaching to an existing shower arm. The hand shower bracket included in this kit features a large ADA compliant handle to easily adjust the height of the hand shower along the grab bar, as well as the ability to adjust the angle. Both the shower head and the bracket feature a polished chrome finish for a cohesive look against the polished grab bar. Click Here To View 

Our most budget friendly grab bar and shower combo kit has everything you need to upgrade your shower for more accessibility. With a 24-inch stainless steel grab bar and a 5-function hand shower, the included hand shower holder allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of your hand shower with a large ADA compliant lever. The shower diverter with the hand shower can be installed on your existing shower arm. Click Here To View

If you’re considering adding a hand shower to your bathroom, but have already installed a 1.25” diameter grab bar, our polished chrome adjustable hand shower holder can be purchased individually.