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How Bath Safety Products Offer Greater Protection in Your Bathroom

If you are looking for protection beyond your grab bar, there are a variety of bathroom safety products that will do the job. These products are guaranteed to help you stand or sit down, maintain a steady balance, and carry on with your routines in a leisurely manner. We’ve chosen the best safety products to give you the most comfortable and enjoyable experience in the bathroom. Take a look! 

Bath bench/Shower Tub Chair

Do you have a difficult time bathing in the shower due to swollen feet or achy legs? If you wish to relieve some pressure on your body, a bath bench or shower tub chair may be the perfect solution. Equipped with ergonomic grip handles and adjustable legs, these products allow you to more easily bathe yourself without the assistance of a family member or caregiver. It’s durable, lightweight material makes it even easy to pack it with you when traveling! Other interesting features include small holes on the seat to allow for drainage and non-slip feet that securely grip to the floor.

Toilet Safety Rail

If you suffer from poor balance or limited mobility, safety rails can offer assistance when sitting or standing up from the toilet. They come with foam grip handles, which provide secure hand positioning in the case of an emergency leading to a slip or fall. The legs can be adjusted to your preferred height, and the handles are positioned to give you the perfect amount of comfort.

Bath Tub Rail

Similar to toilet safety rails, bath tub rails will help you when entering and exiting the tub. The rails include a safety grip finish that prevents your hands from slipping, and the brackets also include non-slip, non-scratch rubber pads that are clamped securely in place. For optimum safety, you can install the grab rail with dual grip, which allows for a better hand grip while sitting or standing in the tub.

These products are generally designed for disabled individuals, seniors who are aging in place, or those looking to simplify their bathroom routines. If you fall into any one of these categories, you can count on these products to provide you a safe and comfortable experience.

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