Get Ready for National Safety Month

Get Ready for National Safety Month

June is National Safety month. It is especially important for older adults to take precautions to prevent falls and prepare for any type of emergency. Here are some tips you can reference to celebrate this month and be proactive in ensuring your safety.

Create a Safe Environment

Did you know most falls happen at home? According to the CDC, falls are a prominent problem for older adults. “Although many seniors are more active and living longer, more than 1 in 4 report falling.” However, falls can be prevented, especially in your home. Make sure to clear your space and install any necessary products to assist balance and mobility. The bathroom is a common spot for falls. It is important to create the safest environment possible. This can be done by installing grab bars around the toilet and shower. You can also install a shower seat and non-slip tub or shower mat for extra grip. Each of these products can help make your bathroom safe and offer peace of mind for you or a loved one. Clearing up your space is another easy improvement. Remove any clutter or tripping hazards around the home. Remember to flatten rug corners and cover electrical wires which can be a common cause of stumbling. The CDC provides a home fall prevention checklist you can follow to make sure your home is as safe as possible.

Keep Numbers Close

Make sure to keep important contact numbers close or on speed dial. This can include 911, Poison Control, or a primary healthcare provider. It is also important to have people’s contacts close by, such as family members, friends, and neighbors. Preparation is key so that you know who to call for help in the event of an emergency. Check out our Guide to Growing Older for tips on how to organize this information and other personal documents.

Stay Active

One last safety measure is working on your strength and balance. Improving your stability can help prevent future accidents, and it can be as simple as taking a daily walk or doing balance exercises for 15 minutes a day. Encourage your friends and loved ones to join you in prioritizing their health and wellness this month so you can participate in activities together. There is a variety of physical exercise you can choose to best fit your lifestyle. Talk to your doctor to decide the right plan for you and your goals.

National Safety Month is a great reminder to make smart choices and be prepared for life’s what-ifs. Take the first step to stay safe and be prepared – not just in June but all year long.