Choosing the Right Shower Seat

Choosing the Right Shower Seat

Adding a bench or seat to your bathroom can help make bathing a more relaxing experience, as well as help to improve mobility and bathroom safety. Depending on who is using the shower seat and how it’s being used, there are different advantages based on the seat style. We’ve put together a list of some of the styles available and some things to take into consideration when selecting shower seat.

Shower Stools

Shower stools are specifically designed for wet environments and feature non-slip textures. It’s a great option for people who need a place to rest while showering, or a place to sit while washing feet or shaving legs. The shower stool isn’t permanently installed, and can be adjusted in the shower to more comfortably situate yourself with the stream of water. 

Shower Chairs

The main difference between shower stool and shower chair is the backrest, making shower chairs a great option for people who fatigue easily, and don’t have the balance or strength to sit without support. Our shower chair also offers handles to more easily steady oneself while bathing, and offer assistance while standing up. 

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

Wall mount shower seats need to be installed and are permanently a part of your shower. However, many fold up to be out of the way when the shower seat is not in use. Since these seats are fixed in place with proper installation, they are incredibly sturdy and can be used to get in and out of a bathtub without having to step over the side by sitting on the seat and lifting on leg over at a time.

Other considerations

Add a hand shower: Depending on where your shower seat is placed, sitting could leave you out of the path of the water. By adding a hand shower with a long hose, you can direct the water where you need it and when you need it for an optimal bathing experience.

Add grab bars: Adding a strategically placed grab bar can ensure you have the support necessary to lower yourself and stand up from the shower seat.


By assessing your needs, and the advantages of different styles, adding a shower seat to your bathroom can make bathing a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash