5 Ways to Prevent a Fall in the Bathroom

5 Ways to Prevent a Fall in the Bathroom

Nearly 235,000 people each year (ages 15 and older) experience injuries in the bathroom, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Actually, four out of five of these injuries occur in falls due to slippery floors, fatigue, and a loss of control. These accidents can cause an excruciating amount of pain, sometimes requiring hospitalization. You can follow the steps below to prevent falls in your bathroom:

1) Look out for tripping hazards.

Most bathrooms are full of accessories/home décor that tend to pile up over the years, causing unwanted clutter. Whether big or small, objects can be hazardous if you do not see them lurking on the floor. To avoid any injuries, be cautious of what’s in front of you and where you’re stepping. You should also look out for slippery, wet rugs, loose carpet, or any object that has sharp edges. You can repair and/or remove any of these things to make your experience in the bathroom as smooth as possible.

2) Improve lighting.

Often times, you may find yourself stumbling on things that live in dim lighting. Inadequate lighting is a significant factor in injuries that involve falls, although it’s sometimes overlooked. To properly maneuver in the bathroom, bright lights are essential, especially if the space does not receive a lot of natural lighting. Night-lights can also be installed to provide better guidance during night-time hours.

3) Wear shoes.

Although you may prefer to be barefoot in the bathroom, wearing shoes may be a smarter option. You can purchase non-slip bathroom sandals/slippers that resist slipping on wet surfaces and can more easily grip to the floor.

4) Invest in non-slip accessories.

Trade in your old bath rug for a non-slip mat that can either be placed in the tub itself or right outside the shower. This mat will prevent the most dangerous slips and falls, while also giving you the perfect amount of comfort.

5) Install grab bars and handrails.

These safety devices are effective in helping you getting on/off the toilet or stepping in/out of the shower. In the case that you may experience dizziness, fatigue, or a loss of balance, it is essential to have something there to grab onto. Not only are these devices functional, but they also come in various styles and finishes that can surely revamp any old space. If you desire more ease and accessibility in the bathroom, try installing a shower head & grab bar kit.

The bathroom is hands down one of the most dangerous rooms in your home, especially for those 65 and older. By following the steps above, you may lower the risk of injury and improve the overall safety in your home.