4 Easy Bathroom Upgrades for Safe Bathing

4 Easy Bathroom Upgrades for Safe Bathing

January is National Bath Safety Month. The bathroom, specifically the shower or tub, can be the most common place for slips and falls among elderly adults. The following accessories can help you or your loved ones be proactive in the bathroom to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring.

Slip-Resistant Grips

Making sure you have the proper accessories in your shower is crucial. Products that create traction and slip resistance make getting in and out of the shower safer and easier. Bath mats are a great accessory to start with. Our Rubber Bath Safety Mat with Microban is made of high-quality material that will not fade or tear. It includes suction cups and superior slip resistance. Providing this traction across the entire shower floor will help prevent any possible falls.

Safety treads are great alternatives to bath mats, providing extra traction in a subtle way. Installation is very straightforward; simply clean the surface to remove residue, then press each tread down firmly. The treads can enhance the safety of a variety of slippery surfaces around your home, including stairs, steps, and tubs.

These bath accessories provide long-lasting slip-resistance. Their durable construction and bacteria resistance offer peace of mind for years to come. Adding them to the shower can help you or a loved one gain the independence needed to safely bathe.

Shower Seats

For those unable to stand long in the shower or facing mobility challenges, installing a shower seat can offer extra comfort. There are a variety of seats and bench styles to cater to personal visual preference and needed safety measure.

A shower seat with legs offers a portable design for extra support inside a shower stall or bathtub. Slip-resistant rubber tips and a contoured seat provide enhanced stability. They are available with and without back rests or integrated handles in case additional leverage is needed. If the shower is compact, consider installing a folding seat instead. This style has no legs but mounts to the wall and features a durable frame that flip ups to allow more space in the shower when not in use.

If you struggle to enter or exit the shower with ease, a transfer bench is a safe and comfortable solution. This bench sits over the tub apron half inside the tub and the other half outside, allowing the user to enter and exit safely by scooting their body.

Accessible Storage

Having accessible storage in the shower is another component of bath safety. Overextending to reach a soap bar or shampoo bottle is likely to result in an accidental fall, so it’s best to utilize storage that eliminates that risk. For example, adding suction cup accessories that securely hold shower essentials and be positioned where you need it will keep necessities easily accessible. It can also prevent dropping slippery products which often leads to slipping and falling from bending down. Adding this type of accessory not only organizes your bathroom but also promotes more independent bathing.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the most crucial safety features in the bathroom. They assist with balance while either standing still or moving between sit and stand positions. With slick surfaces in the bathroom, these bars allow you or a loved one to move around freely and safely.

Grab bars come in a variety of styles, and we offer a model to fit every budget and complement every personal style. The most common type is commercial grab bars which feature a classic stainless steel finish, often seen in schools, restaurants, offices, and hospitals. They’re available in a range of lengths and diameters to ensure the best safety solution for a specific application.

For a more elevated look, less traditional grab bars are also available, so there’s no need to sacrifice your bathroom’s aesthetic for safety. Designer and colorful grab bars add a sleek style to your home. Trendy finishes – including matte black, oil rubbed bronze, or champagne – and trendy styles – such as our Wave series or Promenaid Integra series – add a modern touch to a bathroom. No matter the style you choose, grab bars offer a reliable source of support to prevent slips and falls.

Celebrate Bath Safety Month this January by enhancing your home with these accessories to give yourself or a loved one the safest, easiest bathing experience.